How do I use Lesson Planner tool?

The Lesson Planner tool helps you put your students on the path to success! You can create your own custom collection of Math Games lesson that meet your unique needs, or use one of our prebuilt StoryBots Lesson Plans designed by educational researchers.

To use our ready-to-go StoryBots Lesson Plans:

  1. Visit the Lesson Planner page ( and select StoryBots Lessons.
  2. Select any individual Lesson Plan by clicking Preview Lesson.
  3. Click Import.

To create your own lesson plans:

  1. Visit the Lesson Planner page ( and select Your Lessons.
  2. Click Create Lesson.
  3. Click the blue pencil icon to give the lesson a name.
  4. Use the dropdown to select a Skills area. Next, click the circle next to the lesson you would like to include. A purple check mark will appear; you can click it again if you wish to deselect. Once these are selected, you can also use the dropdown to pick lessons from other Skills areas.
  5. Click the Review button. You will be able to change the order of the lessons or delete any lessons you don’t wish to keep (or use the Add More Lessons button at the top).
  6. Click Save.

Once a Lesson Plan is built or imported, you can select your Lesson Plans when you’re on the Math Games page (

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